Alphabet Crew Gets to Work!!!

First  day of alphabet crew was a success!!! The kindergarten teachers as well as the sixth grade language arts teacher are pairing  6th grade students with kindergarten buddies to help them learn letter names, formation, familiar pictures, and letter sounds.

Giving a HOOT About Our Ecosystem

Mr. Bothast & Mrs. Ruther's (grade 5) students discover the owl's niche in the food chain based on contents within regurgitated pellets. The Learning Lab was filled with energy, thoughtful conversations and, of course, the carcasses of several rodents and birds. It was an awesome and memorable experience for all!

Investigating Vermiculture

Mr. Bothast and Mrs. Ruther's 5th grade classes collaborated in the Learning Lab to review ecological roles of scavengers and decomposers, like fungi, bacteria and invertebrates (FBI).  Young scientists were able to handle locally-sourced earthworms and even milk them for nutrient-rich humus.

Saying Goodbye is Hard to Do!!!

All staff and students lined the hallways of Riverview to say goodbye to our secretary, Mrs. Lauren Read. She was such an important part of our building and we ALL thank her for everything she did for us!!!

Up Close and Personal

Students in Mr. Bothast's Learning Lab (grade 5) get up close and personal to classify living and nonliving things from various habitats in our very own ecosystem, including snails found in Riverview's pond.  Even the most squeamish budding scientists took a turn and no living organisms were harmed.

Language Development Zone

Kindergartners from all five classes are participating in a Language program in the mornings before instruction begins. Each class is split into 2 groups,  1/2 in the pod and 1/2 remaining in the classroom.  Title 1 teacher, Melissa Doerr, and Speech and Language Pathologist, Desiree Winterbottom, are partnering to plan activities designed to increase vocabulary [...]

M and More M’s

Students in Ms. Hall's kindergarten class explored the letter M & m  last week. Students had fun all week learning the letters M&m with their mustache and monsters oh my! They even received a pack of m & m's if they could identify the letters and produce the sound the letter makes. Each Kindergarten student [...]

Remembering 9/11

Sixth grade students in Mrs. Kraemer's Social Studies class took time on Friday to reflect on the events that occurred on 9/11. Students were able to choose to write from the perspective of a child whose parent was in the towers, an emergency worker who worked and died helping on 9/11, or a passenger on [...]