Trunk or Treat

Parents, teachers, and students got their  spook on Thursday night at our annual trunk or treat night!!! Riverview students and family members were able to get some tasty treats from some "spooktacular" staff members!!!

Drama, Drama, Drama!!!

Educators are always looking for ways to reach students and the art of theatrical drama is a powerful tool to do just that!   Drama provides exploration with freedom and equality for children from various cultural and socio-economic backgrounds.

Well Hello Dolly!!!

  A very special guest joined Mr. B's Learning Lab today.  "Dolly Llama" is a rescued llama living on the farm of Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt, parents of Riverview's own Mrs. Lauer.  Dolly's species was widely used by ancient Incan and Mayan MesoAmerican civilizations for packing, textiles (wool) and even meat.  (The Incans loved llama [...]

Court is Now in Session!!!

Students in Mrs. Funston's 3rd grade class prepare for argumentative writing by participating in a mock trial.  Witness C.J. Bryant answers questions from defense attorney, Ava Nunez, as the honorable Judge R.J. Sanchez-Ramirez oversees proceedings.  Meanwhile, prosecuting attorney, Gael Espinoza, waits his turn for cross-examination

Fire House Visits Riverview!!!

The Hamilton City Fire Department partnered with the Hamilton City School District to teach students  in grades kindergarten through third grade the importance of fire safety. The students were able to be actively involved in fire escape routes and protection strategies. Well done Hamilton City Fire Department!!!

Candy Corn at Cosco

Art work from first grade students at Riverview Elementary was on display at Cosco on Saturday, October 8th. The students did a great job of showing just how creative they can be!!!! Can't think of a better way to celebrate the beginning of fall with a little candy corn!!!