ESL After School

ESL students in grades 3 -6 3-6 have been learning about their city as a unit in our new ESL after-school program. This week we talked about Pyramid Hill and vocabulary associated with artists and sculptures. Students then created their own sculptures and will be creating information plaques in a follow-up lesson.

Game Day!

Our Title I Kindergarten and First Grade Game Day was a success! There were 11 families in attendance for our kindergarten session in the morning and 3 families in attendance for our first grade session in the afternoon. During both sessions, each Title teacher ran a game station. Games included: text prediction games, alphabet bingo, [...]

Voting Day at Riverview!!!

The kindergarten students at Riverview were able to participate in their own election for candidates Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton. Students were able to fill out a ballot sheet and vote for their candidate choice. Hillary won at Riverview. Trump is the now the  new Commander in Chief. We are stronger together.

Campaign 2016 in Art Class

In art class this week, Mr Harris asked the students two questions: what is a cause you believe in and what is a positive character trait you have that you are proud of?  Next,  the students talked about why other people would support them and their belief.  Finally, they discussed what characteristics make a good [...]

The Rainbow Connection

Fifth grade students in Mr. B's Learning Lab experiment with Newton's light theory and the full spectrum of colors.  Students discovered that when it comes to color, there is [literally] 'more than meets the eye'.