Riverview Safety

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 Riverview provides many safety features to keep our school environment safe!

– District adopted A.L.i.C.E program to follow during emergencies (staff is A.L.i.C.E trained!) http://www.alicetraining.com/

– IDentiphoto is our new visitor label and sign in system. It tracks who is in the building and tells staff and students if someone has entered who has not been cleared by the office staff.
– District Developed Crisis Response Team. We have a team of staff and local agencies that will help and support students, families, and staff during a school emergency or crisis.
– Hand Held Radios. Riverview has adopted new hand held radios to communicate during drills, school events, and emergencies. These will provide staff with “realtime” updates on any situation and allows staff and students to make safe choices in the event there is an emergency in the building.
-District has developed a new system to report safety concerns which sends a message straight to the building administrators. 1-866-listen2me replaces the old bully hotline. This can be used for reporting safety concerns or to have a bullying situation investigated. You can also send messages from the this website by clicking on the link on our front page of the school website.
-The District and Riverview Elementary take bullying very seriously. We have implemented multiple ways to reduce bullying our our school! Here are some examples we use at Riverview:
1. 1-866-listen2me and website link
2. Office anonymous bully box
3. Bullying/Character Assemblies
4. Student surveys on bullying and staff team meeting to discuss results
5. Parent information sent home annually
-Our Riverview Safety Team meets to discuss our building Safety & Emergency Operations Plan , make preparations for emergency drills, and also analyzes results from emergency drills and events. Our building is also equipped with over 50 recording cameras that provide additional safety to our school campus.
-Purchased from federal grant money our school is now equipped with a BRICS radio that connects the school with emergency dispatch immediately. This allows emergency personnel to have “real time” connection with school staff during a major dangerous event.
-The Riverview staff also participates in annual meetings and trainings for safety procedures. The staff also has teams that are certified in CPR and CPI programs to provide appropriate response to emergency situations.