Snow Day Make Up Information

Snow Day Make Up Information 2014-03-15T11:25:07+00:00

As you may be aware, the State legislature recently passed HB 416, which deals with additional calamity days for districts affected by this past winter season.

Hamilton has used 8 calamity days so far this year, which is 3 days over the 5 school districts are not required to make up.

HB 416 does provide 4 additional calamity days to districts, but these can only be used after districts have made up 4 days under their existing calamity day plan.  In Hamilton, this plan is to make days up at the end of the school year, using days indicated on the Board approved calendar.

HB 416 did also provide an option of making up missed school days by lengthening the school day in half hour increments.  This option was explored, but the inability of the legislature to act in a timely manner on calamity day legislation did not give the District enough time to move in this direction.

Therefore, the District will make up the current 3 days owed on Tuesday 5/27, Wednesday 5/28, and Thursday 5/29.  These will also now be the secondary exam days and the elementary early dismissal days.  The fourth quarter teacher work day will be Friday, 5/30.

For seniors, exams will be held on Tuesday 5/20, Wednesday 5/21, and Thursday 5/22, with the senior exam make-up day held on Friday 5/23.  Graduation will still be held on Tuesday 5/27.